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Depending on your needs, our signs can be very simple or very complex. When you come to Imagen, we work with you to decide what the best sign is for your budget. Using full time graphic designers and by utilizing various substrates and vinyl combinations we can keep the quality of your sign high and your costs down. Our signs stand tough weather conditions. Our full color printed signs hold their color for four to seven years before they begin to fade. We can usually extend the life of our signs by up to two years by using an additional ultra violet protectant

Outdoor Signage​

With our sign fabrication expertise, we can custom make signs in almost any size and in full color. Depending on the application, we can use wood, plastic, vinyl canvas, coroplast, foamcore, plywood, glass, plexiglass, aluminum, crezone etc. We are known for our excellent service and our ECO friendly recycle program.

Indoor Signage​

Indoor Signs can also be printed in full color and most any size. A few choices are Vinyl banners, Show cards, Acrylic-Plexiglas signs and Paper Poster. They are great for temporary signage printed with odor free inks so not to harm viewers. Indoor signs can also be applied to windows, walls and floors for that special effect.

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