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File Requirements

We accept a number of different file formats, although certain file types are preferred for certain types of jobs. If you have questions about appropriate software and file specs, please email to Donovan at before you begin working on your project.


Acceptable Vector Formats:

Adobe Illustrator (.ai, .eps)


Acceptable Raster Formats:

Adobe Photoshop (.psd, .tif, .jpg, .bmp, .pdf, .eps)


Minimum dpi

100% for small projects is 300 dpi  CMYK Format

100% for large projects is 150 dpi CMYK Format


Unacceptable File Formats for final work:

Microsoft Word 

Microsoft Power Point


Corel Draw





If you submit files that are unacceptable, art charges may apply for modifying or recreating your work.


If you have created your project in application other than Illustrator or Photoshop, please call first.


If precise spot colors are important, please specify PMS color(s).

Always send a lo-res JPG file for reference (not as finished art).

Getting Us Your Work

Getting us your work is as easy as 1,2,3. 

We operate in a Windows / PC based environment . So when you supply us the digital file that has been created on a Mac, please save the file and format the media (such as a CD) to be read on a PC.  

Always supply us with a printed hard copy of your file or a PDF file for a visual reference.


*Note: Supplying us on a cd, dvd, or other media devices, we will require to hold said item until the project is completed.

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