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Discover detailed information on a wide variety of common sign materials, including acrylic signs, PVC signs, plastic signs, aluminum signs and banner material (including vinyl banners). You’ll also find specifics on caring for your signs, installing them, using them creatively and more.

Wood Signs


Wood signs offer a classic look and excellent durability. There are a number of different materials available along with traditional wood: MDO – (Medium Density Overlay) is dense plywood with a very thin paper film on either or both sides over a hardwood plywood core.


Features: wood, heavyweight, rigid, paintable


Wood Sign Applications

Building signs

Directional and informational signs

Restaurant signs


Wood Sign Ideas

Increase the effectiveness of your wood signs by:

Using contrasting paint colors to improve visibility

Employing carving to make dimensional lettering

Using borders to help readability



Wood signs may be displayed in several ways:

Professional installation is recommended

Bolted directly to walls

Bolted to posts and then planted in the ground



Ensure your wood sign is sealed properly to prevent warping.


Aluminum Composite Signs


Lightweight, yet sturdy, aluminum composite is a great choice for outdoor signs. It comes in a variety of colors, and with a baked enamel finish, is highly durable, weathering the elements without rusting.


Aluminum Sign Applications

Pool and spa rules

Real estate signs

Parking garage signs

Service signs

Directional and informational signs

Building signs

Traffic and regulatory signs


Aluminum Sign Ideas

Increase the effectiveness of your aluminum signs by:

Adding stripes and borders

Using additional lettering colors

Adding a logo or graphic symbol

Designing custom applications

Using frames or stakes


Aluminum signs may be displayed in several ways:

Framed and staked

Glued to walls

Riveted or bolted to walls

Wired to fencing


Be careful when installing your aluminum sign. While the baked enamel finish is resistant to weather, it is brittle and scratches easily.


Coroplast Signs


Coroplast® signs are ideally suited for a wide variety of indoor and short-term outdoor uses. They are made of an extremely versatile extruded twin-wall polypropylene sheet.  Coroplast signs are a lightweight and cost-effective visual communications solution


Coroplast Sign Applications

Menu boards

Special event signage

Directional and informational signs

Indoor point-of-purchase signs

Temporary and promotional signage



Coroplast Sign Ideas

Increase the effectiveness of your corrugated signs by:

Using stripes, borders and additional lettering colors

Adding a logo or graphic symbol

Using frames or stakes, or displaying on an easel



Coroplast® signs may be displayed in several ways:

Self-supporting (with a cardboard easel)

Suction cups

Double-sided tape


Framed and/or staked



Squeegee in the direction of the corrugations when cleaning.

Do not leave Coroplast signs in direct sun or in a hot car; they may bow or bend if not laying flat.

Magentic Signs


The finest magnetic material to bring you the best in mobile magnetic advertising. With custom-made magnetic signs, you can showcase your company name and logo mile-after-mile.


Magnetic Sign Applications

Delivery vans and trucks

Personal service vehicles

Cars that are used personally and professionally

Temporary and promotional uses


Magnetic Sign Ideas

Increase the effectiveness of your magnetic signs by:

Including easy-to read business contact information

Adding logos and contrasting color

Displaying a “call to action”



Magnetic signs can only be used on smooth steel surfaces. They cannot be used on simulated wood-grain panels, fiberglass panels, panels that have been repaired with a non-steel filler (such as “Bondo”), or on any corrugated or other irregular surfaces.

If necessary, magnetic signs can easily be cut with a razor or X-Acto knife to work around body molding or other obstructions on the vehicle.

A magnetic sign should neverbeapplied to a newly painted vehicle. Allow at least 60 days for fresh paint to cure.



Due to the many variables and complex nature of automotive finishes, special care must be taken to protect your vehicle: check the area behind the magnetic sign weekly and move the sign as necessary to prevent any discoloration or clouding of the automotive clear coat.

Always remove the magnetic sign by lifting from the center of the two opposite sides - never start at the corners, as this may stretch the sign material.

Once the signs are removed, wash and dry the vehicle and all sign surfaces. This keeps moisture from collecting between the signs and the vehicle surface, which can potentially damage a vehicle’s finish.

To clean the signs, use a sponge and a mild soapy water solution.

Magnetic signs should be stored either on a flat, even surface, or rolled up (lettering to the outside) around a cylinder with a diameter of at least 3”.

Neverstore magnetic signs in a hot vehicle, as they may permanently warp.

Vinyl Banners and Soft Signs


Rely on Imagen Graphix Inc. durable vinyl banners and nylon-reinforced vinyl banners for your promotions, special events, grand openings and sporting events. Highly weather resistant, our vinyl banner material works well indoors for short- and long-term installations and outdoors for temporary purposes. Because of the material's strength, it can be cut into almost any length or dimension. Banner material is available in many colors to meet your needs. Vinyl signs are also weather resistant and durable.


Vinyl Banner & Sign Tips

Choose the nylon woven and vinyl banner material for durable, long-lasting banners. Although there are other banner materials, such as Tyvek and polyethylene, few last as long as vinyl and nylon woven material

Consider using a heavier weight material when your banner will be suspended between poles or buildings

Plan to apply letters to one side of your banner only. Our standard, stocked banner material is guaranteed to be vinyl-receptive on one side. If the sign is hung outside, letters on the second side may come off quickly. If letters are applied to the proper side, though, the banner will be more durable outdoors


Vinyl Banner  & Sign Applications

Grand Opening and Coming Soon announcements

Sales and promotions

Special events

Sporting events

Tradeshows and Exhibits

Vinyl Banner & Sign Ideas

Increase the effectiveness of your banners by:

Making banners large

Adding stripes and borders

Using additional lettering colors

Adding a photo, logo or graphic symbol

Utilizing unusual shapes or designs



The maximum banner size is virtually unlimited, and we can create customized banners in any size you want or need.


Finishing & Mounting

We offer many options for finishing and mounting your banners:

Grommets—Attach banners at regular points to

distribute their weight evenly and prevent sagging

Pole Pockets—Insert rigid poles into pockets along your

banners’ edges for a more even weight distribution. This can prevent sagging and make your banners more rigid

Hemmed Edges—Reinforce the sides of your vinyl

banners to maintain their shape and prevent stretching

Power Tape—Reinforce the edges of your shear-cut

banners or banners that have no material available for hemmed edges

Banner-Ups—Attach plastic tabs with eyelets to each

corner of your banners to create convenient hanging points

D-rings with Nylon Webbing*—Secure large banners

that will hang on buildings with D-rings and ratchet straps

Nylon Webbing*—Reinforce the tops and bottoms of

your banners to extend their lives—especially if you’re in an area that is prone to high winds

* Extra time required.



In production, grommets will be placed in all four corners and every 2-3’ feet between, across the top and bottom. These are used to hang and secure the banner while minimizing stress. The two-ply corners ensure strength for intermediate to long-term outdoor life

Special care needs to be given to the installation of large banners. If you are unsure of the best application method, give us a call.



When storing your banner, roll the banner with the graphics or letters to the outside to prevent letter separation and air bubbles. Never fold your banner because it will cause it to have creases

Proper care and handling will improve the longevity of your banner

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